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  Internet Branding & Brand Protection     Domain Management & Protection

Did you know that your web branding strategy is essential to the health of your company? Countless companies have irreversibly lost market share and undergone permanent damage to sales and business growth simply because of a poor Internet branding strategy. has branding and domain name consultants that will ensure your success with these critical first steps. We capitalize on all opportunities that arise when choosing a new brand or protecting an existing one.
Who monitors the expiry of your domains? Have you purchased the right domain names for your brand? Does your domain portfolio prevent phishing attacks?

The importance of your domain portfolio can't be understated. Let our industry-leading domain name experts shed light on how your business can acquire and protect domains that can drive the right kind of traffic to your door.

Put your domain portfolio under our umbrella to ensure that they will always be renewed and are protected from predators that will attempt to squat on your branding efforts.

  Social Networking Strategies & Protection     Web Analytics Analysis & Reporting

What are people tweeting about your company? Are any Facebook groups actively talking about your services? Are the messages positive or negative? Is there an unauthorized entity, using your brand, representing your company?

Even if your company hasn't developed a social networking strategy, our online services, will help your company reap the positive benefits of this new medium while negating the challenges of these new environments.
  What are your site visitors typing into search engines to get to your web project? Which pages do visitors prefer? What companies have visited your website recently? Are any pages within your website driving visitors away?

Our proprietary technology enables us to analyze this information and implement effective plans to fine-tune your current web project. At we transform large volumes of analytical data into a condensed and highly effective strategy for your business.
  Pay-Per-Click Management & Strategies     Strategic Website Planning
Increasingly, pay-per-click (PPC), is becoming a key part of every company's business strategy. With this advertising model, your business only incurs advertising costs when an actively searching potential customer clicks through on to your ad.

Allow us to run your whole Google AdWords and Facebook advertising campaign. Our professionals will maximize your pay-per-click strategy, and will actively assess and strengthen your marketing efforts on a monthly basis.

Our team will take the work off your desk and, drive paying customers and clients to your door, saving you time and maximizing your business building potential.
    Far too often, web projects are started without a strategic plan. This can lead to lengthy delays with unnecessary expenses, leading to complete project failure. strongly believes in building a comprehensive plan designed around search traffic. Our structured approach allows us to measurably advance your site’s web traffic and search engine positioning.

Our vast knowledge of the Internet and our internal tools allow us to ensure the best results at a reasonable price.
  Increase & Maximize Visitor Traffic     Increase Visitor Conversion Rate
Traffic levels can be increased significantly and regularly with our structured team approach.

Our proprietary technology examines the queries and channels of web traffic that run through all major search engines. We will identify all applicable traffic and drive it to your website.
  Many web projects attract traffic but have problems getting that traffic to take the desired actions on the site. When a visitor to your site takes action, this is referred to as a conversion. business analysts have a comprehensive understanding of the web. Our expert methods create trust and allow maximum usability that transforms into repeat visits, eyeball-retention and sales growth for your business.
  Web Project Audits     Link Management

Does your website need to be improved? has professionals in all areas of the Internet. This includes brand consultants, domain consultants, technical experts, marketing experts and a large group of web business analysts.

Leverage our expertise to find where you can best improve your web presence and give it a decisive edge.

Take full advantage of our link management strategies. Search engine ranking is not based on the number but rather the quality of links. It is important to know what links will generate significant target-market traffic while avoiding links that may challenge your search engine positioning.

Let use linking and web cross-marketing techniques to point the right websites to your website. Our experts in search engine algorithms will ensure your web presence takes full advantage of our unique knowledge.

  Retain Visitor Loyalty     Mail List Management
  Many businesses fail to consider what happens after a visitor reaches conversion, as discussed in the last step. This may include your mail list suffering a high unsubscribe rate, or your web store having few repeat customers.

The most powerful web projects today have strong visitor loyalty rates. measures these activities and implements the most effective techniques to ensure your visitors are happy and always return.

Your website mail list is a valuable asset that should be handled with care. If it were to fall into the wrong hands, the damage to your company could be devastating. can setup and manage all of your mail list activities, allowing your company to concentrate on business growth. We will also give you our strongest advice when it comes to the best methods for ensuring successful campaign results.
  Copy Content     Web Language Translation
The term 'Content Is King' is an industry axiom used in search engine optimization circles.

The more focused and efficient content your website has, the more likely your site will obtain priority positioning on search engines.

Let our copy teams at expand your rich content pages, allowing your web projects to take advantage of the benefits of keyword-driven content.
  Expand your customer pool by targeting additional business.

Allow to translate your advertising material, content and website into additional languages. This will allow your business to accommodate foreign non-English-speaking visitors and, more importantly, visitors that speak alternate languages local to your business.

Due to browser and computer settings that are set up when users buy their computers, we can seamlessly redirect the traffic to these alternative sites, maximizing your business efforts.

  Radio Station Streaming Services     Media Content

Has your company ever wanted to get into radio broadcasting? The Internet and technology has created new opportunities to get into the space without having the expense of getting onto terrestrial radio. No equipment necessary simply send us your audio files via email.

We will build your audience. Domain Traffic Media Ltd. will grow your listenership, exposing it to an international audience. We can make your show accessible on over 200 platforms including car audio players, smart phones and tablets

Website content isn’t just restricted to text content. Quality, targeted image and video content will drastically increase your conversion rate.

Domain Traffic Media Ltd. produces rich, creative high quality media that will give your web presence decisive competitive advantage.

Contact our traffic and marketing consultants today and ask how our media can reduce your image and video production costs and drive higher results.

  Professional Web Development     Complex Software Development
Whether it is improving your current website or creating a new one, has a dynamic team of programmers and designers that will exceed your expectations.

Bring your project under our roof, and we will ensure it is constructed for maximum Internet exposure, brand protection, and customer retention. has pursued and recruited some of the brightest minds in Internet-related programming. This includes assigned specialists dedicated to specific programming methodologies.

Our internal software development team is always ready for a new challenge. If you have a development idea, we would like to hear about it. Let us assist you in making it a success.



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